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Abe Advises Iran Not to Escalate to War Following US Pressure

Japan, which is based strictly on the Middle East crude providers, called on Iran to “play its positive role” in reducing stresses with the USA and sidetracking a war, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying Wednesday that geopolitical balance was necessary to the world economy.

Abe, who met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran in quest of constructing a diplomatic bridge between Iran and America, guaranteed that Japan would also make “most efforts” in this issue.

Japan stops its purchases of Iranian crude in April to conform to US sanctions targeting Tehran’s oil sector; however, has been prepared to recover those lost provides even as US officers have vowed to bring Iran’s exports down to net zero.

To stop a confrontation with the USA and its partners Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Iran must not breach its nuclear duties under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Road Map and steer clear of any provocative actions, Abe mentioned, in making the first talk over with by a Japanese leader to Iran in around 41 years.

Eastern refiners received 90% of their 3.19 million b/d of crude imports from the Middle East in Q1, in line with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Trade. A few Japanese firms also are traders in quite a lot of oil and gasoline ventures in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Oman.

Rouhani mentioned during the same briefing that he favored Japan’s interest in keeping up financial ties, alongside the oil industry.

Iran have been one of Japan’s prime oil providers before the United States started cracking down on sanctions pressure last month, with March imports of 292,648 b/d, based on METI data.

Iran may not commence any war; however, might protect its pursuits if attacked, Rouhani added, criticizing the USA’ “economic conflict against the Iranian country.”


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