About Us

Downstream News, by its community of sites, combines the most substantive content relating to oil, gas, and power and energy across the globe with a dedicated and developing news-group, cutting edge expertise and the first-rate analysis and reporting. Our audience is increasing at a rapid rate, as are the distinguished record of clients who acknowledge the worth of the news we publish and other services we offer.

Established in the year 2000, Downstream News prides itself on offering excellent coverage of the energy sector from a global perspective. We have a team of full-time journalists and editors covering various subjects, markets, events, and information. We extensively invest in our workforce, consisting of journalists, researchers, editors, and developers who qualify international standards.

The era of the web portal is now gone. Our goal is to develop into a community based upon information, knowledge, and easily understandable content. That’s why, along with in-house journalists, Downstream News is working with subject experts, encouraging analyst-generated content material, and constructing a group throughout social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.