Activists Disturb Petroleum Group Meeting

Twelve activists from climate crisis group 350 Aotearoa obstructed a Petroleum Club assembly in New Plymouth. The group attacked event sponsors, ANZ, in a bid to focus on the mistakes between the bank’s public statements on the climate crisis and its support of the fossil fuel business.

The group entered the meeting dressed as ANZ employees and set off personal alarms to disrupt convention proceedings. They held ANZ branded billboards quoting climate crisis assurances made by the bank alongside numbers associated with its finances in fossil fuels.

One cutting board read ‘ANZ consider in setting public targets to think ourselves accountable and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the reason we merely offset 0.007% of the emissions we allow via fossil fuel fundings.’

“It’s dishonest of the bank to make public assurances about the climate crisis and declare to support the transition to a decarbonized economic system while at the same time it’s sponsoring occasions that promote the enlargement of the fossil gas business,” mentioned Niamh O’Flynn, Executive Director of 350 Aotearoa.

“ANZ is downplaying its confederacy within the climate crisis. The danger climate breakdown poses is too nice for such loud two-faced behavior. It’s not acceptable to make claims that the financial institution is socially and environmentally accountable when it actively favors fossil fuel growth by sponsorship and investments,” stated O’Flynn.

Based on a report launched by 350 Aotearoa in November 2018, ANZ loaned over AUD$7.4 billion to oil, fuel and coal ventures between 2015-2017.

In the present day’s un-informed visit to the Petroleum Club was not the first of its kind. In 2016, 350 Aotearoa campaigned for ANZ to dismiss the banks Gold Sponsorship of the annual Petroleum Convention.


Alfredoo Epps

Alfredo Epps is a finance expert heading the petroleum column. He joined the group last year as an associate writer. But his thorough research skills and ability to seamlessly putting numerical data into words helped him get a senior position. Apart from a column head, Alfredo is a dancer and a violinist.

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