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Blockchain-Powered Energy Trading Company To Exploit Solar Power

Blockchain-based energy trading agency Power Ledger will roll out its peer-to-peer (P2P) community in Graz, the second-largest metropolis in Austria, according to an announcement on June 18.

The Australia-based firm has partnered with E-NEXT, an innovation arm of dominant Austria’s power utility Energie Steiermark, to launch its blockchain-powered power buying and selling platform in and around Graz.

The mission is an attempt to optimize power administration and to contribute to the town’s shift towards net zero-carbon energy, the release reads. As such, Energy Ledger’s know-how is predicted to allow rooftop photovoltaic power-based households in the metropolis to promote extra renewable energy to their neighbors, producing a monetary incentive for Graz residents to make use of such power.

Energy Ledger will initially roll out its service to 10 households in Graz, while the mission reportedly has the power to increase to other homes in the metropolis, as well as throughout the general power community of Austria.

In line with the statement, Energy Ledger’s blockchain-enabled platform permits anonymity of information on the power distribution network following the privacy policies of the European Union, as specified in the General Information Protection Regulation.

Metropolis of Graz is reportedly the only real city in Austria’s Good flagship project that intends to resolve main points in the metropolis such as meeting Graz’s zero emission and carbon neutral objectives by 2050. Graz is also home to the nation’s blockchain hub known as BlockchainHub Graz.

In response to the report, Power Ledger’s blockchain-based power buying and selling functions are now under testing in several sites across its residence country of Australia, as well as several other international locations, such as Thailand, Japan, and the United States.


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