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Brent Crude Oil Futures Spur After Tanker On Fire in Sea of Oman

According to a report, which cited an individual with information of the problem and a United Arab Emirates reputable, the Front Altair tanker was blazing after loading oil in Abu Dhabi and had despatched a distress sign.

The reason for the blaze was unknown.

However, in response to the inside track, as of 0751 BST front-month Brent crude oil futures have been hiking by 3.321% to $62.0 per barrel on the ICE.

Other stories indicated that the team of a second tanker, the Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous, had been evacuated and that it was believed that each tanker was attacked.

Neil Wilson, a market analyst at, admitted that geopolitical tensions had worsened recently with the short-interval issues over supply shortages that go with that, although on longer time frames he discovered little indication that the bear marketplace in oil may finish end soon.

However, for the reason that OPEC had already controlled output and burgeoning provides from the United States, Wilson mentioned that “the market is much less prone to a shock.”

To support his arguments, he mentioned the weekly progress of 2.2m barrels in US inventories recorded by the Division of Power a day before the incident.

With the USA shifting into the summer driving season, “we’d in most cases see shares plunge; however, they keep shifting higher.”

“More supply, not sufficient demand. That is squeezing longs, and we must see additional liquidation in speculators’ net positions, twisting the screw further.”

“Massive US supply has modified the principles of the trade, and there’s not much OPEC can do to change this. Brent recovered to the $60.50 space having dropped under $60, ahead of it fastened at the Oman information to trade by $62. Dangers skewed to drawback – it seems like $50 will be noticed before $70.


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