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Canada Lacks Export Facilities in Natural Gas, Lags Behind US

Oil and gas trade leaders say selling Canada’s liquified natural gas (LNG) to Asia, and Europe could be a benefit for the country; however, lamented a lack of funding and export amenities compared to America.

Right through a panel discussion on the International Petroleum Show — billed as North America’s prime power industry event — speakers praised LNG as a clean, efficient gas that emits approximately half as much CO2 in comparison to coal when used to generate electrical energy. More and more, they mentioned nations such as China and Bangladesh are the use of LNG as an alternative, or even the international maritime transport business is fuelling freight ships with it.

Alberta has measured 31 trillion cubic feet of standard natural gas wealth, per Natural Resources Canada. The recently authorized LNG Canada export department in Kitimat, B.C. — due to open in 2023 — will shift natural gas to Asian markets.

Canada is in a position to keep its marketplace well-supplied and fulfill international demand, stated panelist Alfred Sorensen, CEO of Calgary-based Pieridae Power Limited. It’ll convert natural gas into LNG and deliver it to Germany and different European nations through its Goldboro facility, now under development in Nova Scotia.

“We will be really glad selling to our four million folks, or we will be able to probably be more satisfied selling to four or five billion other people,” Sorensen told the audience.

Stefan Vos de Wael, general manager for Shell Canada Integrated Fuel, stated Europe’s domestic production of natural gas is sinking. Historically, the continent has received most of it through pipelines from Russia and North Africa; however, mentioned Canada might lend a hand to fulfill the rising demand for natural gas.


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