China Grain Petrochemical Group to Upgrade Heavy Fuel Oil with UOP Systems

Honeywell declared at China International Import Expo 2019 that Dayuewan (Zhuhai) Petrochemical, a unit of China Grain Petrochemical, will use a range of technologies from Honeywell UOP to improve heavy fuel oil into higher-value petrochemical products at its complex in the Gaolan Port Economic Zone in Guangdong area.

When the project is completed, Dayuewan will probably be converting almost all of its vacuum residue to light oil products, representing one of many highest conversion rates on this planet. In the meantime, this program will adopt a range of advanced process technologies to recycle hydrogen and liquefied petroleum gas at among the highest rates on the earth.

Honeywell UOP is providing essential engineering and technology licensing, in addition to technical and start-up companies for the program, which features a 1.4 million tons-per-year Uniflex™ MC™ slurry hydrocracking unit to improve bottom-of-the-barrel gas oil into light oil products. This will probably be fed to a Unicracking™ unit to produce naphtha for a CCR Platforming™ subsidiary. The undertaking further contains three Polybed™ Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) models to produce high-quality hydrogen for the Uniflex course. The PSA models are developed to generate 320,000 cubic meters of hydrogen per hour.

The Uniflex MC technology allows a plant to convert over 97% of its vacuum residue into lighter, more expensive petrochemical products. The method uses MicroCat™ catalyst, produced on-site, to stabilize thermally cracked hydrocarbons into stable, gentle oil products. It generates fuels and feedstocks for downstream petrochemicals manufacturing, both of which might improve the plant’s revenue margins.

The Honeywell UOP PSA technology efficiently recovers and purifies hydrogen perform catalytic processes that remodel crude oil into gentle oil products and different petrochemical products. Honeywell UOP has put in overt 1,100 Polybed PSA units in more than 70 nations.

Since its establishment in December 2016, Dayuewan has been dedicated to the idea of green, energy-saving and high. It has established a contemporary petrochemical complex with superior technologies, equipment, and recyclable assets and integrates manufacturing, processing, storage, and terminals.



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