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Construction Speeds up on Canada’s State-owned Oil Pipeline Ahead of Court Hearing

Expansion of Canada’s Trans Mountain oil pipeline sped up on Tuesday just two weeks before a court hearing in British Columbia that can decide whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government can complete the venture.

The proposal to nearly triple Trans Mountain’s flow of crude to 890,000 barrels per day is one of three by the business to expand pipelines extending from Alberta, where existing pipelines are congested, to U.S. refineries. TMX, as the mission is known, moves crude to the British Columbia coast, where some shipments could reach Asian markets.

Canada is the world’s fourth-largest crude oil producer but struggles to get new export pipelines built over opposition from green activists that has forced the Alberta government to curtail production and prompted an exodus of international investors.

Federal and Alberta politicians Tuesday marked the beginning of a new phase of developing near Edmonton, Alberta, along the pipeline’s right-of-way.

After a legal delay, work resumed in late summer near Edmonton and in Burnaby, British Columbia, where the pipeline ends.

Anderson said his development schedule accounts for protests that may have an effect on work sites. Trans Mountain will exercise its standing court injunction that bans protesters from disrupting construction, he stated.

The Federal Court of Appeal is scheduled to hold a 3-day hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia, beginning on December 16. The hearing will consider challenges by six indigenous groups that the Canadian government didn’t sufficiently consult them on the venture.

“We’re trying to hit every mark we are able to to ensure we can proceed with this mission,” mentioned Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan.


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