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Dutch Cloud Computing Specialist Merge with Downstream Expert Implico

The global software program and consulting firm for the oil and gas sector, Implico, further expands its position in the tank storage business. Implico acquires the Dutch IT solutions provider Brainum. The merger brings together the innovative programs of each firm, particularly in the future-looking areas of cloud and digitization.

The acquisition of Utrecht-based Brainum marks a big leap within the global development strategy of Implico. Henceforth, both associates will bundle their competencies.

With OpenTAS, Implico offers a very feature-rich automation software program for tank farms and refineries. Besides, Implico develops SAP downstream solutions. With QINO, Brainum has a robust cloud-based terminal administration system in its portfolio.

After the merger, Brainum will proceed to operate autonomously. The acquisition will give Implico higher access to the vital Benelux market, especially the Netherlands, where quite a few oil and gas firms are located.

“The two companies complement each other appropriately,” says Tim Hoffmeister, CEO of Implico. “Along with our Dutch colleagues, we’ll further extend our position as thought chief of digital transformation in downstream. Implico has unique experience in data communications and network services. Brainum has exceptional knowledge of cloud technologies and tank terminal administration. The union of this know-how allows for brand new, future-looking solutions, and providers.”

Martin Keulemans, Managing Director of Brainum, adds: “With Implico as a strong associate by our side, we will proceed on our innovation process. The interest in Brainum is an indication of great appreciation for our workforce and our work. We are proud and happy to be a part of the global Implico family.”


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