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Energyiq and TGS Announced a Geoscience Tool – EIQ TGS Data Loader

EnergyIQ and TGS announced the EIQ TGS Data Loader, offering advanced analysis and decision-making help by allowing purchasers to automatically blend industry-leading data with proprietary customer data in an enterprise nicely master data management platform.

The EIQ TGS Loader processes the most up-to-date and complete data by automatically accessing and processing TGS web services. This data is matched, validated, and blended with different proprietary and third-occasion sources inside a PPDM gold compliant data model to create the most trusted version all available information in a single repository. The info is then offered in a 10/12/14 digit format for consumption by the enterprise, interpretation, and analytics applications.

Carl Neuhaus, Vice President – Well Data Products of TGS mentioned, “We’re excited to companion with EnergyIQ to make entry to the largest geoscience database within the industry even faster. Customers at the moment can further shorten cycle times by seamlessly integrating interpretation-ready data into their daily workflows and analytics tool.”

“Our collaboration with TGS offers a new product for our mutual prospects to gain an advantage in the market. Our prospects can now mix their TGS subscription data with in-home and different information sources, ensuring they’ve access to the best data that’s a match for goal across the business”, stated Steve Cooper, EnergyIQ President.

Users can schedule the loading of each day, incremental knowledge from TGS Validated Well Header and TGS Well Performance data sources directly to the EnergyIQ TDM database. As soon as the information from TGS robotically flows into TDM, it will possibly then be scheduled to be loaded into a user’s preferred GG&E platform, together with Petra, Kingdom, Geographix, Openworks, Petrel, Aries, Wellview, and extra. As well as, blended knowledge might be delivered on to enterprise intelligence platforms comparable to Spotfire, Tableau, Energy BI and map (GIS) applications, ensuring that businesses have the best data available, in the most effective format for confident and quick decision-making.


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