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Mammoet Successfully Completes Heavy Lift Project Using PTC-35 at ORPIC Refinery

Mammoet was contracted by Larsen & Toubro to support heavy lifting activities in the course of the turnabout of Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company’s (ORPIC) Sohar Refinery in Oman. The scope included withdrawal of the existing RFCC Reactor in one piece and installation of a brand new reactor, external riser, and related elements during 2019 Turnaround.

Mammoet was selected because of their expertise in transformation and shutdowns, focus on security and talent to minimize downtime. Besides, Mammoet’s knowledge of the site performed an essential role in the decision: in 2005, Mammoet assisted in the development of the Sohar refinery and installed the unique reactor utilizing its ultraheavy PTC 35 lift ring crane.

The PTC crane is the perfect crane for development and revamps ventures in refineries with complex, congested areas due to its vast lifting capability, long reach, and comparatively small footprint, therefore Mammoet proposed to re-use this crane for the exchange of the reactors.

Mission-specific challenges had been overcome in the positioning of the PTC crane at the site, which included limited working space to assemble the crane and minimum permission for lifting drills. Mammoet, in close links with L&T, developed a detailed erection and lifting plans, and procedures, wherein some times approvals of merely 500mm were possible, requiring close coordination and cooperation on site.

Because of this, the 1600-ton crane safely eliminated the old reactor and efficiently positioned the new 37-meter-long reactor, weighing 740 tons onto its foundation. The lifts had been performed effectively within the lifting height of 99 m.

Commenting on the lift, project manager, Hamed Faqir Al Balushi stated, “On behalf of ORPIC, I want to congratulate the entire L&T Staff for having completed the Heavy Lifts of RFCC Reactor Replacement Project successfully.


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