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Nissan Chemical America Corporation Got First Patent in US

Nissan Chemical America Corporation has obtained its first US patent, “Hydrocarbon Formation Treatment Micellar Solutions,” for its nanoActiv enhanced flowback dispersion additive.

nanoActiv EFT is the primary micellar dispersion additive that applies nanoparticle expertise to extend initial oil and fuel production. nanoActiv EFT is a synergistic mixture of Nissan’s proprietary silicon dioxide nanoparticles, an organic solvent, and a mix of surfactants. These technologies work collectively to effectively overcome issues manifested by advances in water saturation and decreases in hydrocarbon mobility.

“For the nanotechnology to do its work, the particles should be uniform in measurement and stay separate from one another. In the presence of brine, that may be a challenging factor to do,” says NCA technology director John Southwell. “We solved this problem by engineering highly surface-modified brine-resistant nanoActiv particles with the ability to stay a colloidal dispersion in difficult downhole conditions.”
nanoActiv EFT reaches into small pore areas—releasing extra immobilized oil than ever earlier than—delivering significantly extra efficient and full flowback of the treatment fluids over a shorter period.
The advantages of nanoActiv EFT are amplified when utilized in mixture with nanoActiv HRT to synergistically enhance initial oil and gas production, whereas reaching more in-depth into the fracture network, creating pathways for sustained recovery.

“Nissan Chemical’s nanoActiv products are the one true nanoparticle options in the industry. This patent is a great step forward as the nanoActiv brand continues to develop,” provides NCA president William Smith. “Our innovative products for the oil & fuel trade consistently give operators improved returns.”


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