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North Dakota to Store Natural Gas Underground

North Dakota’s oil business is looking for methods to cut down on flaring. As of April the state is 7% below its pure fuel seize purpose.

The Industrial Fee approved $6 million to fund a pilot project to repair the surplus flaring capture drawback. The goal is to store unprocessed natural gas underground until it may be processed.

“As per our calculations, somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy to a hundred thousand barrels a day of oil is at present not being produced, because firms are weak to cope with the related gas on these places,” said John Harju, Strategic Partnerships VP.

Harju says there are three underground storage prospects.

“We know quite a bit in regards to the geology right here in North Dakota, however, we do not have a lot of historical past with these types of storage repositories, and again the work within the field would look to help validate what we believe to be true from our models,” mentioned Harju.

The objective of the trial program is to find out how much could be recoverable and what problems there might be.

“The movement, in particular, of the natural gas itself as a free phase fuel I think could be our major concern in this case. That does not imply some couldn’t dissolve into that water, and these are the type of things we might be looking at in the middle of the demonstration initiatives,” Harju mentioned.

Underground storage has been performed in other states with processed natural gas, whereas in North Dakota the mission is more for unprocessed fuel. ​

Employees hope to begin by late July and run the trial program by 2020.


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