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Scottish Power to Build Huge Battery To Enhance Wind Energy

Scottish Power is to adopt the most ambitious battery energy mission in Europe in an attempt to unlock the potential for the United Kingdom’s wind and photovoltaic farms.

The corporate will connect a business-scale battery, the scale of part a soccer pitch, to the Whitelee onshore windfarm early next year to seize more energy from its 215 generators.

The major coastal wind energy storage venture will lead the way for a series of similar initiatives throughout at least six of Scottish Power’s most significant renewable power sites over the next three years.

It claims the 50MW battery systems promise a “crucial step” on the path towards renewable power, offering baseload, or steady electrical energy supply, for the United Kingdom power system.

The battery has double the power capability of any present battery in the United Kingdom. It might take an hour to charge fully and could free up sufficient electrical energy over an hour to completely charge 806 Nissan Leaf automobiles over a total of 182,000 miles, per a spokesperson for Scottish Power.

Keith Anderson, Scottish Power’s chief executive, mentioned: “Batteries will take renewable power to the next level. This is a great, neat solution to support usage of more and more renewable energy in the United Kingdom, as a result of that’s what we need to be doing to achieve a net zero-carbon economy.”

The lithium-ion battery will support Whitelee, already one of the vital onshore wind farms in Europe, to generate more renewable energy via storing electricity while wind speeds are top, for use when the wind drop.

As an example, the batteries may charge in a single day – when demand energy is low – and liberate electrical power in the morning, while demand from properties and companies starts to rise.


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