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Solaris Water Is Expanding Water Recycling and Blending Center

Solaris Water has launched operations at its broaden Lobo Ranch Produced Water Recycling and Blending Center, and a large-scale produced water recycling and non-potable water blending facility in Eddy County, New Mexico. Solaris Water additionally has begun the event of its Bronco facility, extra recycling, and blending facility in Lea County, New Mexico. Solaris Water’s recycling services are built-in into its Pecos Star System, a more than 300-mile water gathering, disposal, and supply system that aggregates produced water from nearly 20 oil and gas operators across a 2-million-acre footprint.

Solaris Water’s Lobo Ranch facility features a produced water therapy system, 1.8 MM bw storage for treated produced water and non-potable water and a 16-inch pipeline for redelivery to a remaining staging location for pickup. The expanded facility can deal with as much as 80,000 bpd of produced water and obtain 80,000 bpd of non-potable water, with the aptitude of redelivering a mix of nearly 200,000 bpd to Solaris Water’s clients to be used throughout properly completions. The Lobo Ranch facility’s initial customer has contracted to purchase 16 million bbl of recycled and blended frac water by the rest of 2019.

Along with the Lobo Ranch facility in Eddy County, Solaris Water will assemble and function the Bronco Produced Water Recycling and Mixing Center in Lea County, New Mexico. The Bronco facility may even have the capability to treat 80,000 bpd. Initially, the Bronco facility will service a significant producer’s completion operations starting in September 2019 by the end of the year. Solaris Water has plans to assemble further large-scale recycling and blending services in Eddy and Lea counties over the subsequent two years.


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