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Study Reveals Pentagon Emits More green House Gases Than Portugal

The USA produces more planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions by its defense programs alone than industrialized nations such as Sweden and Portugal, researchers mentioned on Wednesday.

The Pentagon, which supervises the US military, emitted approximately 59m metric tons of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases in 2017, based on the first study to collect such complete information, printed by Brown School.

The Pentagon’s emissions have been “in any one year … more than many smaller nations’ greenhouse gasoline emissions”, the examine mentioned.

If it had been a country, its emissions might make it the world’s 55th most significant contributor, stated Neta Crawford, the examine’s creator and a political scientist at Boston University.

“There’s a lot of room here to cut back emissions,” Crawford stated.

Using and shifting troops and weapons accounted for approximately 70% of its power intake, mostly because of the burning of jet and diesel gasoline, Crawford mentioned.

It dominated yearly emissions by Sweden, which the world analysis project the Global Carbon Atlas ranks 65th around the world for its CO2 emissions.

Pentagon emissions have been higher than those of Portugal, ranked 57th by way of the World Carbon Atlas, stated Crawford.

China is the world’s dominant emitter of carbon dioxide, the main gas answerable for the climate crisis, followed by the USA.

The Pentagon called the climate crisis “a national security issue” in a January report to Congress and has introduced a couple of projects to be prepared for its impact.


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