Turkish Petroleum Employs 3D Seismic Target In Med

Turkish Petroleum elevated the total space that it explores with 3D seismic know-how in the Mediterranean Sea by 41% per year in 2018 to 9,342 square kilometers.

In keeping with official numbers compiled by Anadolu Agency, the variety of exploration and research licenses of the corporate in 2018 rose 67% in comparison with the previous year to 216.

In 2018, the corporate increased the number of wells drilled on land from 18 to 24, and a complete of 69 wells have been drilled.

Turkish Petroleum gathered airborne gravity-magnetic information over 40,000 sq. Kilometers in 2018.

Seismic and geological research have unveiled important findings concerning the hydrocarbon potential within the sea, based on the company’s yearly report.

The previous year, the total space explored by 3D seismic expertise in the Mediterranean Sea was 6,617 sq. Kilometers.

Planning its roadmap and primary methods consistent with the Turkish Energy Ministry’s National Power and Mining Policy, Turkish Petroleum did in-depth research with the seismic vessel Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa to disclose the hydrocarbon potential of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

The company continues its drilling activities in shallow and deep seas in light of the seismic information.

Deep-sea drilling operation began last October in Alanya-1 well with the Fatih vessel, which has a drilling depth capacity as much as 12,200 meters.

The Fatih is currently proceeding with its second drilling within the area known as Finike-1.

In shallow seas, a platform was installed November 2018 within the North Erdemli-1 location within the permit areas within the Eastern Mediterranean, and drilling efforts started.

Turkey’s second drilling vessel Yavuz is scheduled to start its first drilling in early July in an area approved by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).


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