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World’s Biggest Macadamia Processor Shifts to Solar

The Macadamia Processing Firm (MPC) has put in a 600-kilowatt photovoltaic electricity system on the rooftop of its manufacturing unit at Alphadale, close to Lismore in northern New South Wales.

The 100% grower-owned cooperative has invested up to $1 million within the photovoltaic system, which has been registered with the Federal Authorities’ Clean Power Regulator as an influence station.

MPC’s general supervisor Steven Lee stated they anticipated a full return for the mission in less than three years.

“The tools received an efficient operating life over 20 years, so we’re eager to making financial savings for the lifetime of that mission and a few significant discounts in vitality consumption,” he mentioned.

“We’re producing a peak of about 400 to 450 kilowatts, based on how bright the sun is.

“Sadly, we won’t get photovoltaic power through the evening — otherwise it will be great.”

Mr. Lee mentioned their new photovoltaic system produced around 25% of the unit’s power supply.

With a busy ongoing macadamia harvest, and nut coming in from suppliers throughout the Northern Rivers and southern Queensland, the manufacturing facility operates 24 hours a day and six days in a week.

“Given we’re consuming all of the electrical energy we produce there’s no reason to look at battery storage in the meanwhile,” Mr. Lee mentioned.

“But when we were capable of providing you with different methods to generate electrical energy, then storage would be something that would be of curiosity.”

Whereas MPC may by no means run its factories on 100% photovoltaic power, it was taking a look at other applied sciences to reduce its environmental damage and save money.


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